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1 Jan 2018

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Ethical Investment

Three Steps to
Ethical Investment

How to match your investments with your values


For financial advice to help you reach your dreams.

Your values

What is ‘ethical’?  Everyone’s answer will be different.  The first step when looking at Ethical Investment is to ask yourself, ‘What issues are important to me?’

For example, here are some topics that you may have an opinion on


  • Renewable energy

  • Fossil fuels and coal seam gas

  • Recycling

  • Animal welfare

  • Uranium and nuclear energy

  • Logging old growth forests

  • Green buildings

  • Sustainable products

  • Water efficiency

  • Pollution



  • Education

  • Healthcare and aged care

  • Fast food and sugar

  • Human rights

  • Fair trade

  • Safe workplace conditions

  • Weapons manufacture and defence

  • Gambling

  • Tobacco and alcohol

  • Pornography



  • Board diversity

  • Executive pay vs average worker ratios

  • Corruption

  • Culture and public reputation

  • Corporate tax responsibility

  • Regulatory breaches

  • Litigation history

  • Supply chain management

  • Adherence to good corporate governance principles

At Gold Leaf Financial Services as part of getting to know you, we ask you to complete a confidential Personal Values Questionnaire to help us understand what is important to you.  This helps us understand your goals and gives us a picture of the type of activities you would like to support or avoid with your investments and superannuation.  We use this information to guide us when recommending an ethical investment or ethical super fund tailored to your values and your goals.

James and Sally give to their favourite charity

James and Sally read an article about super funds investing in land mine manufacturers and want to know where their super is invested.  They also wondered whether they will have enough money to retire.  They saw a Gold Leaf Financial Planner and discussed their values and their goals. 


James and Sally feel that of all the things they spend money on, they receive the most joy from deciding where to allocate the $10,000 each year to charity.  By following their financial planners’ recommendations, James and Sally will no longer hold investments in companies manufacturing land mines and they will enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.  They will be able to travel overseas, help each of their adult children with a small amount towards a house deposit and continue to give $10,000 each year to their favourite charities.