Australians investing ethically and receiving abundant returns

“More and more Australians are wanting their investments and savings to align with their values, and are reaping the rewards with strong financial performance.” – Simon O’Conner, CEO Responsible Investment Association Australasia

More Australians Investing ethically

Ethical investing is a growing movement with more people connecting their values with their money. In the last two years the value of ethical investments in Australia have doubled to $64.9 Billion dollars. (1)

RIAA 2017

Financial Outperformance

Ethically invested Australian share funds and balanced multi-sector funds have outperformed their equivalent mainstream funds over three, five and 10-year horizons to December 2016.*(1)

RIAA 2017

“It is increasingly clear that appropriate and properly executed RI (ethical investment) strategies can have a significant positive impact on the environment and society whilst at the same time generating sustainable financial returns that outperform comparable mainstream funds.” – RIAA Benchmark Report 2017

In July Gold Leaf Financial Planner Mary Campbell presented on a panel at the launch of the latest Responsible Investment Association Benchmark Report. The report collated by the KPMG, found a significant increase in core ethical investment funds under management as well as sound financial performance* of ethical investments. These results are similar to previous RIAA annual reports over the last 16 years. The findings are also in line our experience at Gold Leaf Financial Services, with more people choosing investments that ‘do no harm’ and provide a good financial return.

Ethical Investment Options

There are currently over 200 ethical investment options available in Australia(1). A Gold Leaf Financial planner can help you navigate through your options and find investments that match your personal values and goals.

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* Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns as future returns may differ from and be more or less volatile than past returns.

Note: We have used the term Ethical Investments to describe “Core Responsible Investments” in the Responsible Investment Benchmark Report 2017 Australia. Ethical investing is also known as socially responsible investing, sustainable investing, green investing, values based investing and impact investing.


1. Responsible Investment Association Australasia 2017, ‘Responsible Investment Benchmark Report 2017 Australia’.

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