Learning in the new economy

There is talk in the media of the Australian economy changing. Some industries are growing, such as online education and organic farming, while some are in decline, such as the printed media and landline telephones. It is no longer realistic to expect a job for life, and there are less permanent jobs and more casual and contract positions available. Computers have automated jobs and technology has changed what we want. There is little need for cassette tapes, the printed Encyclopedia Britannica and film cameras.

However, there is good news on the horizon, as with changes come new opportunities. New jobs like application developers, social media specialists and NBN installers weren’t required 10 years ago.

At some point in their careers most people will find they will need to re-skill, learn new technology, or gain a new certification. The firm you work for may restructure and your position may become redundant, or you may have to work with a new team. The common thread is that to survive in the current economy you need to be flexible and willing to learn.

As we are living longer and working longer, this means we are likely to change career a number of times. This may mean ceasing work where you have experience and re-skilling through an apprenticeship, TAFE or university course. This may mean a drop in income while you study and learn, then time working in an entry level to gain experience. This can be a challenging, yet exciting time.

Saving for your education

You may be ready to return to study to get that promotion, move to a new department with your current employer, change careers, start your own business or even study a topic you’ve always wanted to learn about.

Contact a Gold Leaf Financial Planner to work out a plan to save for your education expenses and/or take time off to study so you can achieve that next step towards your future career.

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