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Philanthropy and Giving

What would you like your legacy to be?  


What type of world would you like to leave to your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and future generations?

You can make a positive impact through your investments as well as through giving your money, time, talent and expertise.


Most Australians

  • look after their family and friends

  • donate and support charities that they care about

  • volunteer time at some stage with a local not for profit organisation such as local sports team or surf club, school PTA, Rotary, Lions, health organisation, or community garden

  • join initiatives such as Clean Up Australia Day, Worlds Greatest Shave, Earth Hour, Biggest Morning Tea, and Movember

  • choose to purchase items that are organic, sustainable, Fairtrade or energy efficient

  • spend money with companies that are good corporate citizens and treat their staff, customers, suppliers and the environment well.



We can assist you to make a plan to give to causes you care about and leave a positive legacy.


Some other ways you may like to give include:




  • Make a difference with your capital through ethical investments and ethical super;

  • Plan to give to charity each year;

  • Establish and manage charitable accounts and charitable trusts (PAFs);

  • Amend your Estate Plan to include leaving money to support your family and people you care about and/or causes that are important to you when you pass away;

  • Provide funding to start, support or expand a charity you are passionate about;

  • Purchase goods and services from social enterprises;

  • Assist a charity to raise funds or organise a fundraising event; and

  • Help an existing charity invest their corpus funds ethically to grow their investments in line with their mission and values.



Time and Talent

  • Join a not for profit board and bring your experience and skills to support good governance in the sector;

  • Provide your expertise to mentor younger people working in the charitable sector;

  • Volunteer your time with your favourite charity each year;

  • Give your time to raise awareness for an important cause;

  • Assist people you know who have fallen on tough times;

  • Take time off work to volunteer overseas; and

  • Care for a family member or friend.



At Gold Leaf Financial Services we can help you plan to leave a positive legacy that is right for you.

James and Sally plan to retire and give to their favourite charities

James and Sally want to have an enjoyable retirement which includes overseas travel and regularly attending the theatre and arts.  They also want to help each of their adult children with a house deposit and to contribute to environmental and community charities.  James and Sally feel that of all the things they spend money on, they receive the most joy from deciding where to allocate $10,000 of donations each year to charities.  They like supporting the Cancer Council out of respect for James’ mum who passed away a few years ago from liver cancer.  They want to preserve Australian plants and animals therefore supporting the charity, Bush Heritage Australia.  They would like to continue to donate throughout their retirement.  James and Sally do not want to invest in tobacco or old growth forest logging companies.


They saw a Gold Leaf Financial Planner and discussed their goals, ethical preferences with investments and their comfort level with risk.  The adviser recommended commencing additional savings to super and changing the asset allocation of their super to make sure it will grow.  Their super is no longer invested in tobacco and with the savings they started an ethical investment outside of super. 


By following their financial adviser’s recommendations, they will have enough income in retirement to cover the lifestyle they have become accustomed to which includes enjoying the arts.  They are looking forward to overseas travel, assisting their children with house deposits and continuing to give $10,000 each year to their favourite charities.

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