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Look After Your Family

A Gold Leaf Financial Planner can help you with financial strategies and a plan to look after your family. 

Your plans may include:

  • Growing wealth to provide for your family in the future

  • Sending your children to private school

  • Giving your children the opportunity to participate extra activities like music lessons, art classes and sporting teams

  • Creating a lifestyle that matches your values for your partner and children

  • Visiting extended family overseas

  • Providing for in home care for aging parents

  • Assisting your parents with retirement living

  • Paying for your grandchildren’s schooling or extracurricular activities

  • Taking your parents, children or grandchildren on holiday to a special location and

  • Protecting your family financially if something unexpected happened to you by making sure your family has appropriate insurance cover.

Gwen and Tom’s ethical super


Gwen and Tom read an article about super funds investing in fossil fuels and wanted to know where their super is invested.  They are concerned about climate change and the world their children and grandchildren will inherit.  They also wondered whether they will have enough money to retire and if they should make additional super contributions. 


They saw a Gold Leaf Financial Planner and discussed their values and their goals.  The adviser recommended a super fund invested in line with their risk profile that does not invest in fossil fuels and instead invests in companies with low carbon emissions.  The fund also invests in energy efficiency, renewable energy and recycling companies.  Their adviser recommended making additional contributions to super each year which had the added benefit of reducing their tax.  They also started an ethical investment to grow their wealth outside of super in case the super rules change.  The adviser provided projections showing they will have enough money to have a comfortable income throughout retirement.  Gwen and Tom will have funds to renovate their kitchen, visit their daughter who lives interstate each year, travel around Australia and provide financial support for their grandchildren’s higher education.


By following their financial planner’s recommendations, Gwen and Tom feel content they have ethical investments that match their values.  Having a roadmap for how to reach their retirement goals means Gwen and Tom feel a lot more confident about the future. 

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