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1 Jan 2018

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Protect your income and lifestyle

Personal insurance cover can help you focus on what is important and not worry about finances in the event of death, disability or illness. 

Often people think about insurance cover when there are changes in their lives such as

  • Borrowing to buy your first home

  • Having children

  • Experiencing a health scare

  • A friend or family member being diagnosed with a terminal illness

  • Someone you know experiencing a car accident and taking time off work to recover

We provide advice regarding four main types of insurance

Income Protection Insurance:  provides you with an income in the event you are unable to work


Life insurance:  pays a lump sum if you pass away


Total Permanent Disability Insurance:  pays a lump sum if you are totally permanently disabled


Trauma Insurance:  also known as Critical Illness cover pays a lump sum if you suffer a specified medial trauma


Although you may have insurance cover through your superannuation, this may not be enough to protect you and your family financially if something were to happen.  A Gold Leaf Financial Planner can review your existing insurance cover to make sure you and your family are protected.  When providing insurance advice we consider

  • Your financial situation including assets and outstanding mortgages and loans

  • Your goals and wishes for your partner and family

  • Insurance options within super and outside of super

  • Tax benefits

  • Cost

  • Policy features and benefits


We also help you set up the insurance cover and review your insurance cover over time as your life changes.

Dave sets up insurance for his family

Dave, an IT professional and Sarah (a stay at home mum) are in their mid 30’s and live in Melbourne with their two young children.  Like most people, they hold car and home insurance.  However, Dave’s biggest asset is not his car or the house, it is his ability to earn an income.  Dave is currently 35 years old, earning $80,000 per year and, like most people, he expects to be working until age 65.  His total income over the rest of his working life will amount to around $3.81 million dollars.

Dave’s best mate was recently in a car accident and as a result of his injuries, he was off work for 10 months, leading Dave to wonder how his family would pay the mortgage, pay for living expenses and look after their children if something were to happen to them. 


After speaking to a Gold Leaf Financial Planner, Dave now has income protection insurance so if he is unable to work, the policy will pay 75% of his income ($60,000 per year) until he is age 65.  This means Dave will still be able to make mortgage payments and financially support his family.  In addition, Dave and Sarah also have Life, Trauma and Total Permanent Disability Insurance cover that will mean if something were to happen to them or their children, they will not have to worry about money and medical expenses and will be able to focus on recovery and having a good quality of life.