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We can help you make the most of your inheritance, make sound financial decisions and grow your funds for the future.

Receiving an inheritance can come with a new level of responsibility.  It is worth considering options available to use the funds now, as well as investing your inheritance to grow your nest egg and provide a passive income for the future. 

Sometimes an inheritance can be difficult as it means the loss of a loved one.  We can discuss ways you may wish to honour that person.  For some people they know their loved one’s main wish was to provide financial security so that you may travel, repay debt, buy a home, look after family or pay for school fees. 

With your inheritance you may wish to set aside funds to give to a cause that honours that special person’s life.  You may like to consider starting a charitable trust and giving to causes your loved one cared about such as arts, nature, local community, education and health.

When you receive a windfall, something that you have wanted for a long time may now be attainable.  This may enable you to fulfil a personal goal or a long held wish. 


A Gold Leaf Financial Planner can assist you to make plans for your inheritance in line with what is important to you.


For financial advice to help you reach your dreams.

Rebecca and Jack start an ethical investment


Rebecca is a nurse at the local hospital and Jack is a university professor.  They have recently inherited $800,000 from Rebecca’s mum and would like to invest this for the future.  Rebecca feels this is a big responsibility and she would like to invest the money in a sensible way.  They would like to use some of the money to pay for school fees when their children are in high school, starting in 7 years.  Rebecca and Jack would also like an investment that is easy to manage and one they can add to each month from their savings in order to grow their wealth long term. 


Rebecca’s main ethical concern is that she does not want to invest in junk food companies.  Jack is concerned about climate change and would like to avoid investing in fossil fuel.  They have both travelled over the years and feel they are lucky to have grown up in Australia and they would like to support education and healthcare. 

Rebecca and Jack met with a Gold Leaf Financial Planner, who helped them to establish a diversified ethical investment portfolio that matches their values as well as their risk profile.  The investment is simple to manage and easy to add to each month.  After 7 years they have seen their investment grow to $1,214,000 and their adviser helps them keep on track, changing the investments from time to time in order to make sure the overall ethical investment portfolio is still right for their risk comfort level, their objectives and their ethical preferences.  Rebecca and Jack are happy to know their money is “doing no harm” and supporting industries making a positive impact.


*Note assumed average investment return of 7.2% pa.

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