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For financial advice to help you reach your dreams.

How we can help you

At Gold Leaf Financial Services we provide strategic and holistic financial advice to help you to:

  • reach your goals

  • invest ethically

  • worry less about money

  • spend time on what is important to you and

  • make the world a better place.


Based in Melbourne, our services are available to clients across Australia.

Research shows in addition to financial benefits, there are other benefits to receiving professional ongoing financial planning advice including greater levels of happiness, more peace of mind, increased feelings of security, and better health outcomes.(1)

Clients who receive professional ongoing financial planning advice have greater levels of overall personal happiness

Your Financial Coach

A Gold Leaf Financial Planner can be your financial coach, with expertise and financial strategies to help you reach your goals.  If you veer off track, we can help you get back to where you want to go.  If a new option becomes available or the rules change, we help you adapt to the changes and make the most of your situation.

Financial Advice

A Gold Leaf Financial Planner can create a personalised financial plan to help you achieve what is important to you.

Our services include

  • Assisting you to define your goals and what is important to you now

  • Providing analysis and strategy resulting in a plan for how to reach your goals

  • Developing contingency plans for unexpected events, to increase your chance that you will achieve your goals in the years to come

  • Providing specialist ongoing advice and services to make your life more simple, so you can spend time on what is important to you rather than hours monitoring the sharemarket, researching products or understanding super legislation.


What to expect

Our advice is tailored to what you would like help with and the strategies that will help you achieve your goals.   

The first meeting 

The first appointment is an opportunity to get to know each other and to discuss your needs and how we can help you.  We will first seek to gain an understanding of your current situation, your future plans, your values and what is important to you.  We will also discuss details of your income, superannuation, debts, assets, and insurances so we have an accurate picture of your finances.

We will discuss how strategic financial advice will benefit your situation and help you achieve your goals. We will explain our financial advice and service fees.

Strategic Analysis and Financial Advice

With an understanding of your situation, values and goals, we will use our expertise to develop a financial plan and a path forward to help you more effectively achieve what you want in life.

We will arrange an appointment to present the financial plan, take you step by step through our recommendations, answer any questions you have, and make any changes.


We will assist you with implementing the financial plan so it is as easy as possible for you manage your finances and achieve your goals going forward.

Ongoing advice and service

Your financial plan is a starting point, and the strategies will need to be reviewed and adapted as your situation and the economy changes in the future. Your circumstances and goals will change over time and we work with you to ensure that your plan takes into account any life changes that occur. 


Applicable legislation, the economy and financial products and services also change over time, so we review your strategy and financial plan on a regular basis to take this into account.

We will explain the fees for the 12 month advice service tailored to your personal needs and circumstances.


At Gold Leaf Financial Services our fees are based on the service provided and the complexity of advice.  There is an initial appointment fee and then we will provide a quote for financial plans and for ongoing service and advice.  Our Financial Service Guide has further information regarding our fees.

1. IOOF 2015, ‘IOOF Whitepaper The true value of advice’.

Sam and Alice plan for retirement


When their youngest child Tim moved out of home to study at university, Sam and Alice started to think about the next 15 years leading up to their retirement. Sam and Alice would like to continue their current lifestyle and want to make the most of their additional savings, especially now that Tim is mostly independent.  When they retire they would like to renovate the kitchen, continue to enjoy good food and wine, and volunteer as board members with their favourite community and environmental groups.  They both like sailing, playing tennis and they are learning photography.  Sam and Alice would also like to travel to see the French Open and Wimbledon, and take photography tours of Africa, Canada and Antarctica.


Sam and Alice saw a Gold Leaf Financial Planner and discussed their values and goals.  Their adviser recommended keeping their super fund but changing the investments to make sure it was invested in line with their ethical values and that it would grow for retirement.  The adviser also recommended making additional mortgage repayments and salary sacrificing to super.  Sam and Alice will also take some of their long service leave in the next few years to travel to the French Open and to Antarctica as part of enjoying life now.


By following their financial planner’s recommendations, Sam and Alice will be debt free in five years and have an extra $900,000 at retirement.  They will have income in retirement to enjoy good food and wine and there will be funds available for kitchen renovations and overseas travel.

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