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Dave and Rob receive an inheritance


Dave, an IT manager and Rob, a legal professional have recently married.  They also received a gift from each of their parents that enabled them to repay the mortgage on their home and be debt free.  In addition, they have $1.4 million to invest and the ability to save $75,000 each year.  Dave and Rob would like to grow wealth so in 10 years’ time the investment will generate a passive income and they will be able to reduce their hours at work.  This will enable Dave to spend more time mountain bike riding and Rob to spend more time in the garden.  They would like their money to be invested ethically and would like to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  As Dave is 5 years younger than Rob, they would also like to have investments outside of super so they have enough money to both retire at the same time.

Their financial adviser recommended a super fund that was in line with their ethical values and to make additional contributions to their super, which will boost the money they will have when they retire.  Dave and Rob established an investment which was ethically invested in line with their personal values and also in a tax effective structure, as they are both on high incomes.  Over the next 10 years their investment will grow, enabling them to reduce their hours at work, and receive passive income from their investment.

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