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We can help you feel less stressed and more in control of your money.  Whether you have a little or a lot of money, growing your wealth starts with budgeting and saving.

A great place to start is to track your income and expenditure.  Often people are surprised at what they spend money on.  Once you know where your money is going, this will allow you to make decisions about how you would like to spend your money.  You can make sure you are spending money on what is important to you.

We can help you work out a good way to track your money and organise your finances to make it easy to pay for large bills and to save money each month.  Based on your goals, we can also help you work out how much you will need to save each pay period.

With your regular savings, each month you can put some money in a cash savings bank account to save for unexpected expenses and emergencies.  You can also put money on other savings accounts to meet your shorter term goals such as your next holiday or house maintenance.

Then you can start adding money from your savings to investments to grow your wealth and to superannuation to save for a comfortable retirement. 

A Gold Leaf Financial Planner can help you understand your current situation, work out your goals and begin a regular savings plan to make your goals a reality.


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Ben and Zoe buy their first home


Ben and Zoe have been talking lately about buying their first home together.  Ben is an engineer at a global firm and Zoe is a marketing manager at a large corporation.   They are planning on starting a family in a few years.  Recently, Ben’s mate was in a car accident and, as a result of his injuries, he was off work for 10 months.  This lead Ben and Zoe to wonder how they would pay the mortgage, pay for living expenses, and look after their future children if something were to happen to either of them. 

Ben and Zoe want to make sure they can afford the repayments on a mortgage if interest rates rise and if they have gaps in employment.  Their Gold Leaf Financial Adviser prepared a financial plan for saving for the house deposit and purchasing costs.  This also included keeping funds aside for emergencies and gaps in employment, and how much to borrow to make sure they can repay the mortgage when interest rates rise.  The planner also recommended insurance cover that would enable them to keep the house and pay for living expenses in the event either of them became ill or disabled and unable to work or, if they were to pass away. 


By saving a higher deposit and structuring the loan effectively, they will save in interest and repay their home loan a lot sooner.  They have the peace of mind that if something were to happen to them, they will not have to worry about money or medical expenses and instead will be able to focus on recovery and having a good quality of life.

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